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International Tours - Turkey

Aerowise Tours is the innovative approach for travel in Turkey. Our first-hand Turkey travel knowledge and experience, constant attention-to-detail, personalized service and co-operation with the most skilled of our travel industry professionals, allow us to deliver seamless travel arrangements for destinations throughout Turkey.


We provide an extensive range of services including packaged and customized tours, hotel accommodation, cruises and yacht charters, shore excursions for cruise passengers, meetings and incentives, small group travel, transportation, and other Turkey travel related services.
You can discover the true character of Turkey, its people, culture and history - a combination that guarantees your Turkey vacation will become another rewarding and memorable travel experience.
Tours Of Turkey


Rich in history, culture and natural beauty, Turkey is an exotic destination for your next vacation, your honeymoon, a group tour or a religious pilgrimage. The best tours allow you to visit worldly yet historically vibrant cities like Istanbul, savor the beautiful beaches and glamorous nightlife of resorts such as Bodrum and much, much more! With so much to do and so many places to go, you'll do best with expert guides and agents to help you make the most of your tour.
That is where Aerowise Tours Turkey steps in. Owned and operated by two expert travel professionals in Istanbul, we put our experience, knowledge and contacts to work for you. We have an impeccable reputation for providing service and comfort for our Asia Minor or Asian Turkey, as it is known today, is a bridge between Europe and Asia and was the passageway and dwelling place of many ancient civilizations. Come along with me, walk in the footsteps of the ancients and let me tell you about:
- Hattians and Hittites who were some of the earliest and most mysterious civilizations of Turkey.


- The Phrygians and their king, Midas, well known with his donkey ears and his magic touch which transformed everything into gold.


- The Lydians, their life and traditions, their capital Sardis, their kings. Allyattes II who fought against many nations. His war with Medes ended after a solar eclipse in 585 BC because they feared the anger of Gods.  Amazingly, Thales from Miletus, predicted that eclipse based on his mathematical calculations.


- Croesus, the last king of Lydia, who believed he was the happiest man in the world because his river, Pactolus, brought him gold.


- Cyrus the Great and the Persians, who defeated Croesus and destroyed the Lydian Empire.


- The Ionian Confederacy and its efforts for the freedom after the Persian invasion.  We’ll go back to 494 BC and learn about  the sudden attack of the Persians which destroyed the Ionian fleet anchored near the Lade Island.


- The Phocaeans who sent their colonies as far as Spain and northward to the Black Sea.


- The Greeks and the victory of democracy.


- The Macedonians and their king, Alexander the Great, who always gained public sympathy by respecting the traditions of the countries he conquered.




   Turkey is the cradle of ancient civilization, and I look forward to sharing my country and our history with you.  It is my hope that when we discuss events of the past times, looking at advances and shortcomings, perhaps we can prevent historical mistakes from recurring.  I would be honored to be your personal driver guide for one day or for your entire vacation.